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December 21, 2015

Why I treasure whitetails . . .

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Let him grow!

Let him grow!



Why do I hunt deer? It’s partly an excuse to . . .


Watch a brown creeper fly down, then creep up the tree trunk –


Be amazed at how efficiently a pileated woodpecker can chisel apart a boxelder log –


Hear several other pileateds chattering and flying in woods –


Chuckle at the commotion gray squirrels make when chasing each other around woods –


Blink my eyes, as deer seem to appear out of thin air – and disappear just as quickly –


Blue jay, gray/brown woods

Blue jay, gray/brown woods

Be happy to see a bossy blue jay, who ads a bit of color to the otherwise –gray-brown woods


Admire too-small bucks calmly browsing in the brush near my stand –


“Dee-dee” an answer to the ever-present chickadees that keep me company in the woods –


Listen to a buddy’s tale of the ghostly “monster” buck that eluded both of us –


Ponder a fawn intently munching grass a few yards away, oblivious to my presence or my scent –


Welcome “our” eagles as they daily circle, soar, and screech –


December sunset

December sunset

Savor a December sunrise, and the following December sunset –


Share the excitement of 6-year-olds as they get to sit in the blind with Papa –


Huntin' with Papa

Huntin’ with Papa

Commend a normally fidgety 13-year-old on his patience while watching a deer trail –


Bring the entire, orange-clad crew into the woods to fetch a deer after a successful hunt –

Bringing home the venison

Bringing home the venison


Smile at the exuberance of an 11-year-old future hunter, as he hugs the deer carcass hanging in the shed –


Cut and process our own venison, while planning meals of tasty loins, versatile burger, and delicious stew –


Burger on the menu

Burger on the menu

Await the unseen coyotes, raucous crows, and hoped-for eagles that may come for a feast on the bones and scraps, to be sure nothing goes to waste from our harvest –


And to sleep well, after a day watching and stalking the deer trails of our Turkey River bluffs.



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